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Day 5: Why I Would Like to Win Lotto

Social media and digital tools whirling around in my head threaten to clock me. I followed Ivan’s regular Wednesday digital first media tweetchat today #DFMChat. Lots of journalists talking about how best to use digital technologies to report the news. The under 21-set of folks I know abhor Twitter, but it’s very big in the media business. Ivan showed me how to do advanced search with hashtags today – he is a whiz! Plus he knew how to add comments to my blog using Disqus. I even dabbled in HTML!

The journalists in the Digital First discussion suggested a lot of interesting sites/articles. For example, “Dynamic News Stories” written in 2006, is provocative to me in that its author seems to be troubled by the fact that stories (like features and other non-data driven news items) are just “big blobs of text” without digital dynamism – literary, yes, but they don’t do anything! As a “compromise,” the author suggests markups and tags to make stories more searchable, current, timely, and integrated in the fragmented online webworld.  Clever, but honestly, what’s all that got to do with a good read, the way your perception of reality, your understanding of what it is to be human can be altered simply by the way words come together?  Shall she who hangs upon the cheek of night like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear link to today’s Bloomberg article? O call me naught but an old fogey-bottom, but I say it’s not always so important.

On the other hand, in Jay Rosen’s “Too Much Innovation at the Washington Post? Q & A,” it is clear that the newspaper industry is courageously (if desperately) catching the tidal wave and hurtling into the future in a most necessary way. Try everything, see what works.

The revenue is the thing. How to make money? Ivan is against paywalls; to me they seem to make sense. A good article on the other revenue stream, advertising, talks about new technology that  “strips” ads out of content, like Readability, and the “Reader view feature built into Apple’s mobile Safari browser.” Gulp. How is anybody going to make a living (not that we really are now)? That’s the big question. All I wanna do is play the keyboard all day — never been able to do it. Not even half the day since I had kids. Can’t we all just win the lottery?

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